It is my great pleasure to extend the warmest greetings to you as the Chairman of Faizan Steel.

Faizan Steel was founded on the timeless vision of contributing to Pakistan with the world-class and highly functional steel products developed with innovative technology under our values of quality and trust. As the Chairman of the company, I have always placed great emphasis on upholding these values in the ways we run our organization and create our product (Steel), which has been since centuries a key material in the growth and development of every country. We as steelmakers believe that it is our responsibility to meet the needs of this growing country and the world by providing quality, safe and technology-based Steel products.

Since establishment in 1997 our mission at Faizan Steel has been to produce and supply highest quality steel products to the Construction Sector and we are both grateful and proud to be the major market contributor and supplier of steel in Pakistan. We are committed to maintain our position and expand as a company with aspirations to be stronger and sustainable leaders in the new era of steel in Pakistan.

The belief that our customers have shown in us for more than 3 decades, is reflected in our longstanding tradition of not only meeting our customers’ requirements but surpassing their expectations. This philosophy of serving our customers with the best has enabled us to gain trust and respect of our customers. I promise to continue with our legacy of aiming to maintain long term relationships with our customers by providing them with products and services that we proudly back with our values and quality.

I with my team pledge to serve and work to fulfill the mission and vision that we have here at Faizan Steel by continuously working for the benefit of our customers, the communities we are a part of and this great country Pakistan, who we aim to serve.

Asif Bhagani